Reflexole Spa Lashes

Semi permanent lashes remain adhered while sleeping, exercising, or almost any activity and are appropriate for all occasions.

Lashes are adhered to your natural eyelashes and will fall off naturally with your natural shedding cycle. In order to keep your lashes looking full, it is recommended to have them relashed every 2 to 3 weeks.

Benefits of False Lashes

  • Adds volume to thin eyelashes
  • Elongates short eyelashes
  • Virtually indistinguishable
  • Available in various lengths and colors
  • Can be trimmed to match your style
  • Accentuates the color and brightness of your eyes

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Classic Lashes Pricing

Full set*

1 hour relash

1 hour 15 min relash

1 hour 30 min relash

Volume Lashes Pricing

Full set*

1 hour 15 min relash

1 hour 30 min relash

1 hour 45 min relash

* Over 28 days is considered a full set

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